Bom2buy Enterprise offers complete visibility into the internal and external information, and into the market intelligence that drives better sourcing decisions.

On top of this rich information stack is also a collaborative platform with built-in workflows that brings together your organization to work more efficiently and improve quote turnaround times.

Below is an overview of each of our features. If you’d like more information, or to explore how to work together, reach out.

01Enterprise Data Integration
Integrating internal component information from your ERP system or other legacy applications is a key part of the BOM analysis. We support API integrations with most major ERP vendor platforms.
02BOM Upload & Cleanup
Mapping inbound excel BOMs to internal and orderable part numbers is a painful aspect of quoting. Through our market intelligence and integration tools, we simplify this process with our automated BOM structure recognition and part suggestions. We’re also able to assign internal Part Numbers based on your specific assignment logic.
03Optimize Part Selection
Make more informed decisions:
1. Compare multiple price and stock sources;
2. View Part Intelligence market trends;
3. Use RiskRank™ to assess a component’s lifecycle and commercial risk;
4. Find and compare Cross References and make alternate purchasing suggestions;
5. Analyze BOM pricing scenarios that consider your historical or negotiated pricing and external pricing options.
04Quoting Intelligence
Pricing Suggestions: we combine our proprietary data streams with your ERP data and business logic to inform you on best pricing options. Customer-Specific Pricing & Crosses: enhance your BOM analysis with information specific to each of your customers.
05Workflow & Collaboration
Create a workflow with priorities for your Quoting process. Split tasks on each BOM among multiple team members. Send notifications to the right people in the team to keep everyone in sync.
06RFQ Dashboard
Get a big picture view of the incoming RFQ stream and your team’s progress. See what is taking longer than it needs to, and find the points of accountability.
07Cart Integration
Choose the components you want to purchase immediately and transfer them to’s shopping cart to source authentic parts from authorized distributors.