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晶体管 > 小信号双极晶体管




Small Signal Bipolar Transistor, 0.8A I(C), 45V V(BR)CEO, 1-Element, NPN, Silicon, TO-236, ROHS COMPLIANT, PLASTIC PACKAGE-3

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BC817-40W ON Semiconductor 也适用于 NSVBC817-40WT1G ,BC817-40WT1G ,BC817-40W BC817-25 Nexperia 也适用于 BC817-16W,115 ,BC817-25W ,BC817-25,185 等其余32个型号 BC817-40QA Nexperia 也适用于 934067158147 ,BC817-25QA ,BC817-25QAX 等其余5个型号 BC817-25L ON Semiconductor 也适用于 SBC817-40LT1G ,NSVBC817-16LT1G ,BC817-16LT1G 等其余16个型号 BC817-25 Diodes Incorporated 也适用于 BC817-40 ,BC817-40-7-F ,BC817-25 等其余3个型号 BC817 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation 也适用于 BC81725MTF ,BC817 ,BC81716MTF 等其余1个型号 BC817 Infineon Technologies AG 也适用于 BC817K25E6327XT ,BC817K40E6433HTMA1 ,BC817K-25 等其余42个型号 BC817-40 Zetex / Diodes Inc 也适用于 BC817 ,BC817-16 ,BC817-40 等其余1个型号 BC817-40 Zetex / Diodes Inc 也适用于 BC817 ,BC817-16 ,BC817-40 等其余1个型号 BC817 ON Semiconductor 也适用于 BC81725MTF ,BC817 ,BC81716MTF 等其余1个型号
PLC Motherboard with AC Mains Line Coupling
TIDA-00192: The PLC motherboard is designed to complement the TI Designs SOMPLC-F28PLC83 and SOMPLC-F28M35. The motherboard implements the key AC line coupling circuitry necessary for the System on Module (SoM) to connect to the mains power. The PLC motherboard also includes expansion headers for RF modules which simplifies the development of a combined PLC+RF systems. TIDA-00192 was implemented using hardware from TMDSPLCDOCK-V4
AC-mains LED Lighting with DALI DMX512 & Power Line Communications Reference Design
TIDM-AC-LED-COM: Ideal for outdoor, entertainment, and industrial lighting applications, this LED Lighting design provides high power and high efficiency illumination with built-in communications networking. The lighting unit consists of a 250W universal AC-input LED driver power supply and a demonstrational six-string LED lamp. Driving the LED’s with great power efficiency and electrical utilization, the LED driver power supply operates at greater than 90% power efficiency with 0.99 power factor (PF). Furthermore, to support system-networked lighting and remote connectivity, this power supply includes support for common lighting communications standards including Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI), DMX512, and Power Line Communications (PLC).
Data Concentrator Cape for BeagleBone Black
TIDA-00225: This design provides new connectivity options for developers working with the BeagleBone Black platform. It allows developers to work with TI’s Power Line Communications (PLC) and Radio Frequency modules to easily and quickly develop host applications for smart grid networks. Developers can easily build their own Cape for the BeagleBone Black and start working with TI’s G3-PLC, 6LowPAN, PRIME, Wireless M-BUS, or ZigBee® solutions.
Power Line Communications (PLC) Lite™ Reference Design for Industrial Applications
TIDM-INDUSTRIAL-PLC: This TI implementation of Power Line Communications (PLC) is a new option for adding communications to industrial equipment such as solar arrays. PLC Lite™ offers higher data throughput than earlier forms of PLC and greater robustness for transmission across noisy electric lines by using OFDM PHY technology. This design is based upon a C2000 controlCARD and an analog front end for PLC. The C2000 MCU executes the entire PLC Lite software stack. TIDM-INDUSTRIAL-PLC achieves up to 21 kbps data rates across AC or DC power lines compared to traditional SFSK PLC solutions (2-5 kbps) all while decreasing the overall BOM cost of a typical PLC modem.
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